About Us

Over 20 years providing creative financing solutions for real estate investors and business entreprenuers

Our Vision

Enable our local community to achieve their financial aspirations through real estate related investments

Core Values


We don't think outside the box because to us there is no box.


We have a can-do attitude. We meet every challenge with a smile and a solution.


We believe it takes a village and we always look after our people. We create win-win-win opportunities.


We believe in doing the right thing - always. We add value first and foremost.

Our Mission

The friendliest, most creative asset-based lender in Washington

Meet the Team

Matt Flynn

Partner And Co-Founder

Matt’s real estate investing and financing experience spans over three decades and includes residential mortgage lending, private lending, flipping and wholesaling, as well as investing in single and multi-family homes. Matt heads business development for Flynn Family Lending, overseeing borrower and investor relations and leading the sales team. His charismatic personality and innovative skills in structuring loans is what people love about him. During his spare time, Matt enjoys traveling with his blended family of 5, local boat outings, long-distance car trips, and scouting out new real estate investment opportunities while exploring new places. Matt also enjoys golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Beth Johnson

Managing Partner And Co-Founder

Beth Pinkley Johnson, along with her husband Matt Flynn, collectively own and operate Flynn Family Lending, a boutique private money lending business based in Renton WA, specializing in creative financing solutions that set them apart from other lenders. Flynn Family Lending’s sister company, Lend2Live Management LLC, also extends opportunities for passive income investments for accredited investors who seek predictable returns secured by tangible real estate assets.

Beth embarked on her real estate investing journey in the early 2000s before immersing herself in private money lending and multifamily buy-and-hold ventures. This extensive experience paved the way for her co-authorship of the book, Lend to Live: Earn Hassle-free Passive Income in Real Estate with Private Money Lending, a comprehensive playbook on how to safely find and fund a private money loan for passive income, available for purchase on BiggerPockets.com and Amazon.

In addition to her business and literary pursuits, Beth is dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities for fellow private money business owners. She also offers small group coaching sessions for new and aspiring private money lenders, further contributing to the growth and knowledge-sharing within the industry. Beth treasures moments with her blended family of five. In her leisure time, she finds joy in running, singing, cooking, a good poker game, and exploring new travel destinations with her husband.

Nghi Le

Sales Director

Nghi started his professional career in software / data & analytics consulting. In 2014, he began flipping houses in Seattle as a side hustle and in 2017 ventured into BRRRRs in 8 other states. After borrowing from 25+ different hard money lenders and interviewing 150+ commercial lenders nationwide, he saw the inefficiencies of real estate financing and wanted to make an impact, so he decided to make a career change. In 2018, he joined a fintech startup as a General Manager and Sales Director, building out their national brand and growing the company from a couple folks to 70+ employees.

Nghi joins the Flynn family in January 2024 having known the team as a friend, partner, borrower, and eating buddy for 5+ years. He primarily manages sales and the origination process, and he intends to take the company’s unique lending products nationwide.

Outside of being a workaholic, Nghi spends most of his time in Federal Way, WA with his wife, 3 young kids, and chickens. His hobbies include teaching financial literacy, playing board games, tennis, badminton, bowling, biking, clamming, and being a Seahawks fan.

Agnes Pinkley

Operations Manager

Agnes spent 15 fulfilling years as a stay-at-home mom, nurturing her family and cultivating a strong foundation for her future endeavors. Her ability to organize and manage kids’ schedule and household needs served as a cornerstone for her transition into a professional career.

Drawing upon her diverse skill set, Agnes started working at Nordstrom as a salesperson in the kid’s department and after a couple years, she decided to pursue a career in banking. Her time in these positions equipped her with invaluable insights into customer service, financial operations, and administrative management.

Agnes’s journey and her friendship with Beth led her to FFL, where she was brought in to address the growing demands for private money. She plays a pivotal role in facilitating escrow transactions, managing daily office operations, and overseeing bookkeeping tasks. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment ensure that FFL’s operations run seamlessly, fostering client satisfaction and organizational efficiency.

Agnes is a family-oriented woman who cherishes time with her loved ones. She finds joy in exploring new dining experiences and is a passionate sports enthusiast.

Keenan Rouse

Loan Analyst

Keenan enjoys hiking and riding his motorcycle in the Greater Puget Sound area. As a Marine reservist, currently finishing out his contract at 6th ANGLICO, Keenan is looking forward to building a career in financing and real estate. As a student at the University of Washington, Keenan became an intern working part time with Flynn Family Lending, supporting the loan processing team. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, Keenan is now full time and supporting all aspects of loan origination and processing alongside Matt and Agnes.

Gerard Figurelli

Investor Relations & Fund Management

Gerard Figurelli began his career at Parametric on the special operations team, focusing on derivative securities in their parametric risk advisory team which traded equity options and commodity futures. From 2013-2018, he worked in various investment and operations positions for Summit Capital Management, spanning from trading of equity and derivative securities to operations and risk management of hedge funds and private equity products, and eventually co-founded Vector Partners, LLC, a hedge fund, and hedge fund consulting business focused on private equity positions and trading strategies that blended qualitative and quantitative based analysis through the firm’s proprietary algorithms. In 2021, Gerard stepped down from active trading to focus on an investment and passion of his in the food and beverage space, which led him to take an active role as he became and maintains the position of CEO of Moto Pizza. Gerard joined Flynn Family Lending in 2023 as the Fund Manager overseeing investor relations and stewardship of the Lend2Live Private Debt Fund.

In addition to his hedge fund consulting and active involvement in the food industry, Gerard also contributes time to Seattle Select Baseball, a local 501(c)3 focused on youth sports, where he donates his time as chairman. Gerard is a lifetime Seattleite, born and raised in the Shoreline area, and graduating from the University of Washington. Gerard and his wife, Berenice, are baseball fanatics (and pizza fanatics) who reside in Downtown Seattle with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Judge – yes, named after the Yankee’s outfielder.


Therapy Dog and H.R. Consultant

Duke is the Flynn Family Lending team mascot. His big heart, patient demeanor, and good listening ears help ensure the team is achieving their maximum potential. The emotional coaching and guidance he provides to the team go unmatched!

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