The Little Lender That Could – How Small, Independent PML Shine

This week we attended the American Association of Private Lenders annual conference in Las Vegas, our 4th time over the years. It has been a great way to make new connections with others in the industry and receive timely updates and industry trends. The exhibition hall is a phenomenal way to access tons of resources […]

Closing Day, Show Me The Money!

Recently, I reviewed some old collateral we pulled together years ago for prospective investors seeking us out for private money placement. What stuck out to me while reviewing these pieces was the number of times I used private money and hard money interchangeably. As a novice in the field, back in 2014, I didn’t really […]

Getting Up Close and Personal Raising Capital as a Private Lender

A few weekends ago, I participated in a panel discussion on how to raise capital for real estate related investments. On stage with me were two other seasoned capital raisers; one who owns a successful syndication company that in a very short amount of time landed his company on Inc.’s 500 list and the other […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Private Lender

Lately, I’ve experienced a fair amount of interest (no pun intended) in private note investing, where you lend out your money to a real estate investor to passively earn interest income. It seems like many investors are sitting on a pile of cash from a recent flip or a work bonus, and are curious about diversifying their […]

The Down-Low on Low Equity Loans

As mentioned in our first Back to Basics article, relationships can’t be your sole determination for risk and should take a backseat to hard facts. After all, bad things can happen to good people and not making data driven decisions about who to lend to and what to lend on can leave you in a […]

5 Things Every Borrower Should do to Expedite Their Loan Closing

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the real estate financing industry is how slow some lenders can be to close a deal. I have heard on occasion borrowers complain my team is not working quickly enough, or in other instances, borrowers will complain to us about other lenders they’ve worked with in the […]

Finding Qualified Borrowers to Increase Your Private Lending Deal Flow

You’ve just funded your first handful of private money deals and now you are hooked! If you’re like me, you fell in love with the act of sleuthing out a loan request and doing your due diligence on the borrower, their project, and the property being used as collateral. It is like a 1000 piece […]

5 Ways to Scale Your Private Lending Practice

The first time I funded a private loan, I knew I was hooked. I loved the art of underwriting the deal, I loved that it was backed by real estate (something I knew more about than the stock market) and I loved how little I needed to actually do after my loan funded in order […]

April 2021 Originate Report – The Official Magazine of Geraci Law Firm

Industry Spotlight – Beth Flynn – Managing Partner at Flynn Family Lending (pages 34 – 37) Our very own Beth Flynn was featured in the April 2021 Originate Report. This is the official magazine of Geraci Law Firm and we are so excited to see Flynn Family inside. Click here to check it out.

How to Come in 2nd (position) and Still Win Every Time

A lot of people are surprised to hear close to 50% of my annual loan volume is in 2nd position loans. They are even more surprised to hear that despite funding nearly $100M in loans in the last six years – mostly through direct placement of whole note (also known as trust deed) investments for our private […]