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For nearly 20 years, we've helped our clients achieve their personal and financial goals through private money loans.

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We use private money to fund our loans. This means we can help a wide variety of clients when institutional lenders can’t.
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Once approved, Flynn Family Lending will send you a list of information and documents to provide in order to process your loan. (Don’t worry! It won’t be a lot of docs.) Load all documents and files to our online portal.

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After all documents are received, your loan will be sent to underwriting. You may be asked to satisfy additional conditions.


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After combined loan docs are prepared and sent to escrow, your closing agent will reach out to schedule a signing appointment.



After recording numbers are received from the County, your closing agent will proceed with funding your loan.

Documentation Requirements

Requirements for all loan programs:

Additional requirements for refinances:

Additional requirements for purchases:

Loan Servicing

Payments and Payoffs

Flynn Family Lending is proud to partner with Olympic Peninsula Title – Contract Loan Servicing to help our clients make their loan payments easily and on time. Olympic Peninsula Title (OPT) is a small local family-owned company and is based out of Port Angeles.

Make a payment:

All borrowers are required to set up ACH (Automated Clearing House) with OPT prior to closing your loan. This will ensure timely and automated debit of your monthly interest installment payment each month.

Should you need to make a payment using an alternative method, please contact OPT at:

ccdept@olypentitle.com | (360) 683-7695

Request a payoff demand:

To request a payoff demand, the borrower (or the escrow agent handling your refinance or sale) will need to contact OPT directly in order to request a payoff demand. Flynn Family Lending will not request a payoff demand on the borrower’s behalf.

To request a payoff, please contact OPT at:

ccdept@olypentitle.com | (360) 683-7695

Case Studies

For the

When Leka, a seasoned real estate investor, found an off-market multi-family in Auburn to purchase as a buy and hold, she came to Flynn Family Lending for creative financing solutions to keep more cash in her pocket. We were able to use her single family rental in Tacoma and her triplex in Seattle to cross-collateralize a loan in 2nd position behind her conventional mortgages. Our loan provided her with enough funds for down payment assistance and rehab costs on the Auburn purchase. She was able to close quickly and preserve her cash position by using the equity in her existing rental portfolio without the hassles of a third party appraisal or credit and income verification.

Holly Hotel_Khan case studyFor the Landlord

Khanh, an experienced investor in the local real estate community needed a creative way to fund the purchase of a hotel located in historic downtown Puyallup that would allow her to put minimum cash down, close quickly, and avoid the delay in getting a third-party appraisal. Originally, she planned to finance the deal with a conventional lender and use Flynn Family Lending to gap fund the deal; however, we were able to help her facilitate seller financing behind our first lien loan which further reduced cash required to close, avoided a timely third party appraisal, and expedited the time to close.

Corrine Barker_investment property used to cross for purchaseFor the
Business Owner​

Corrine, a military engineer and experienced real estate investor found a great buy and hold opportunity in the West End neighborhood of Tacoma. She came to Flynn Family Lending after her original lender shut it’s doors due to COVID. She needed someone to help fund her deal very quickly and to provide her with 75% of the purchase price, allowing her to keep some additional cash in reserve. We were able to use a rental property of Corrine’s located in the North End neighborhood of Tacoma to cross-collateralize a loan in first position on the purchase property and second position on the rental / investment property behind her existing conventional mortgage. By using the additional collateral, we were able to increase the equity buffer and lower the LTV so she didn’t have to use any additional cash reserves to close the deal. ​

Nghi _1010 s 14th Tacoma WA

For the

Nghi and his partner Andrew needed financing on three wholesale properties located in Texas that all included large assignment fees. They were having difficulty obtaining financing from other lenders due to it being the early stages of COVID-19, as many lenders were pulling back and restricting their lending. In addition, around this same time, many lenders had stopped approving loans with large assignment fees. Not having a limit on assignment fees, Flynn Family Lending was able to step in and cross-collateralize two of the whole sale properties with Nghi’s investment property in Seattle and cross collateralize the third wholesale property with one of Andrew’s investment properties in Tacoma – both of these encumbered in second position. Flynn Family Lending came through in a pinch and helped Nghi and Andrew close in 6 business days after their original lender pulled out of the deal due to Covid. In the end, we saved the borrowers their earnest money and reputation as investors by being able to close quickly and by not being hampered by conventional lending guidelines around assignment fees.

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Borrower FAQs

Flynn Family Lending utilizes a 3rdparty loan servicing company for all loans. You, the borrower (or the escrow agent handling your refinance or sale) will need to contact the loan servicer directly in order to request a payoff demand. Flynn Family Lending will not request a payoff demand on the borrower’s behalf. Below is the information for our current Servicing Partner:
Servicing Company: OPT – Olympic Peninsula Title
Payoff Department Email: deborah@olypentitle.com
Payoff Contact Phone: (360) 683-7695

To expedite your loan process, providing the required documents as quickly and promptly as possible will get your loan funded faster, as we are only able to work on a file once all required documents have been submitted.

Yes, an online submission is required for us to send a pre-approval letter. To begin, click the ‘apply now’ link on our website www.flynnfamilylending.com. Links to our website are also at the bottom of our Flynn Family Lending emails.

As a general rule of thumb, No. Most auction purchases will require a cashier’s check.

Cross collateralization refers to a strategy where a borrower uses an existing property (or two) they own as additional collateral to secure the loan; whether a rental, flip project near completion, primary residence, or other asset class. The benefits of doing this are to:

  • Reduce out of pocket cash to close
  • Increase financing capabilities with more collateral
  • Support rate and term refinance rather than costly cash-out refinance through higher leverage

We currently lend in WA state only; however, we are exploring lending in states where some of our investors are comfortable lending in and have market experience. We are currently exploring Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. If you have other markets that you would be willing to lend in, please let us know

Our typical interest rates range from 11%+ depending on property type, LTV, lien position, and overall risk.

Yes, if the borrower’s properties being encumbered are vested in the name of the SDIRA, we can vest the loan in the SDIRA as well.

Flynn Family Lending requires 30% down on purchases; however, if a borrower can’t fund 30% and has additional investment properties to offer up as collateral, we can often get to the 70% LTV threshold by cross collateralizing the loan or using equity in an additional property.

  • Business strategy letter – (this helps our team understand what your goals are with a particular investment)
  • Payoff demand (if refinancing and paying off an existing loan)
  • Mortgage statement(s)
  • Driver’s license
  • Bank statement(s)
  • Clear Title Report
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement (if purchase loan program)
  • Interior/exterior photos – (this is how we conduct our in-house valuations to avoid costly appraisals)
  • Signed non-owner occupancy disclosure
  • Business entity docs – Operating Agreement and Certificate of Formation – (if vesting the loan in a business entity)
  • Signed lease agreement(s) (if the property is being rented)


We are a small family-owned team, that can underwrite our own deals, giving us the flexibility and creativity, that other loan originators can’t provide. Our specialty is 2nd position loans, which allows borrowers to use equity in their existing real estate. No credit pulls, income verification or appraisals needed with us.

Other factors that separate us from your typical private or hard money lender is we can finance 100% of assignment fees, seller financing deals are OK, and we have an in-house draw system made easy for the flippers and builders. No inspections, invoices, or receipts are needed. 

Yes, multiple properties can be used for cross-collateral.

Yes, we have loan options to give rehab funds on a project.

No – Flynn Family Lending utilizes the current value of the property in order to identify the value and determine if the property value provides us with enough equity to meet our 65-70% LTV threshold.

  • Fix and Flip
  • Rehab loans
  • Refinance
  • Construction
  • Small business seed capital
  • Probate / Estate

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