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Our clients choose to work with us because of the personalized approach we take to solving their business and financial investment needs.

Custom "Whole note investing" solutions

Also known as trust deeds, we provide a unique opportunity for you as a capital partner to invest in whole individual notes catered to your own unique deal preferences and risk tolerance. Unlike investing in a pooled mortgage fund, whole note investments offer autonomy and full control while providing you added security since you are directly named on the Promissory Note and Deed of Trust. But don't worry, you won't have to go it alone, our team will be there to support you every step of the way until your principal is paid off in full.

We extend full transparency to our investors

One-on-one service is a coupled with full transparency throughout the investment selection process to ensure you feel comfortable with your investment selections, and the risks and rewards associated. You will receive a detailed loan overview providing all the necessary background information related to the loan rates and terms, the borrower profile, and the subject property used as collateral, to help you make an informed decision.

You're part of the Flynn Family

We will treat your investments as if they were our own, period. Because if you can't sleep at night knowing your hard earned money is safe, neither can we. Our team of experts complete a full application and title review, processes and underwrites the deal with a comprehensive checklist, and wraps it up into a succinct investor overview for you to review and approve. Have more questions? No problem, we're always just a phone call away.

Our investors enjoy trust deed investing to diversify their financial portfolio for a number of reasons. Of course, the high returns are attractive, but they also prefer the low-level of involvement required.

Unlike real estate investing which can require a fair amount of industry and market knowledge (and time!) in order to maximize profits, private money lending is a more passive way to invest your money because you don’t have to be a landlord, manage “fix and flip” projects, or hold real estate for long periods of time to realize solid returns.

Our real-estate backed private money investments typically range from 6-12 months, and renewals are at your discretion. Unlike pooled mortgage funds, we do not have minimum thresholds for an amount to be invested in the fund nor a minimum timeframe you need to stay in the fund. This short-term arrangement gives your investments similar liquidity as CDs but with much better interest rates!

Understanding your Investment.

A few benefits we provide our clients

Investor Dinner

Funding Your First Loan

Flynn Family Lending takes a relaxed and methodical approach to on-boarding prospective investors.

Introductions: Getting to Know Each Other

1. FFL will send you an email with more information about whole note investing.

2. FFL will set up an introductory Zoom call (or in person, if appropriate) to better understand your investment needs/wants and discuss how we can help you accomplish your objectives.

Investor Profile: Understanding Your Risk Tolerance and Deal Criteria

3. You will receive a sample set of recently funded loans that fit your desired investment amount(s) and preferred risk tolerance.

4. A follow-up call will be set up after you review these recently funded loans, to discuss the merits of each

Loan Selection: Selecting Your First Deal

5. When you feel confident in the loan vetting process, FFL will begin sourcing loans that fit your criteria and needs.

6. Once a deal (or two) that meets your criteria become available, the FFL Operations team will reach out with loan overview(s) for you to review and approve. Typical turnaround for approval needed is 24 hours.

Loan Funding: Closing Your First Deal

7. After you approve a loan, the Operations team will send the file to our attorney to create loan docs.

8. After the Operations team reviews loan docs and finds them to be accurate, they will send docs to the lender to review.

9. Final docs will then will be sent to the closing agent (title and escrow company) to be signed by the borrower and notarized by the closing agent.

10. The closing agent will email you secure wire instructions regarding how to complete a wire transfer directly to the title and escrow company handling this transaction.

11. After the final signed docs are reviewed and approved, our attorney will authorize closing agent to release the documents to record.

12. Upon recording with the County, closing agent will disburse funds and close the loan.

Loan Close Out: Sit back and earn Monthly interest

13. FFL will email you a copy of the final signed docs shortly after closing. Original docs will be sent to Olympic Peninsula Title and Escrow, our third party loan servicer, who will collect payments from the borrower on your behalf, disburse funds to you, and prepare 1098s & 1099s at year end.

14. Sit back and earn interest checks monthly!

What Our Investors Say

Investor FAQs

In whole note investing, you are the only one named as the lender on the Promissory Note and Deed of Trust which secures your loan against real property. When you invest in a pooled mortgage fund, you are a fractional beneficiary with many other investors and it’s the actual fund which is named on the loan documents.

Unlike pooled funds, we like the security of having you, as the lender investor, individually named on the Deed of Trust which secures the loan for your benefit and is recorded with the County. In a mortgage pool, you never know what deals are being funded, exposing you to diminished returns if certain loans in your fund don’t perform well. Funds can also go bankrupt putting your investments at risk. 

Mortgage pools are typically only available to accredited investors and require a specified minimum contribution and time commitment (up to 3+ years with some companies) while investing in whole notes with Flynn Family Lending can be done with as little as $75,000 and you are only committed to the duration of the loan terms. 

We give you full control over which loan you decide to lend against. In order to make an informed and educated decision, we provide a loan overview with details about the loan rates, terms, and conditions, as well as information related to the real property (or properties, depending on the loan) used as collateral. This will include property condition and images, current and future valuations after rehab – if applicable, and comparison properties recently sold. Additionally, all loans are carefully scrutinized and underwritten by our team prior to being presented to you.

If you have questions about the loan, we will walk you through those and should you choose to pass on a particular loan, we will work to find a different deal that may suit your investment criteria better. 

Each lender investor in our Flynn Family circle has unique investment needs and deal preferences. That said, we strive to understand what you individually need and desire out of your investments through us – loan size, position, collateral preferences, risk tolerance, etc. are all taken into consideration when we present you with a deal to review. Loans are not shared with multiple investors as we do not like creating a competitive environment amongst our lender investors.

Our pipeline of borrowers is strong and loan requests come in daily making it easy to find and fund deals for all our investors regardless of your deal or risk profile. 

Private money, business loans are not just for credit-challenged borrowers as many would think. Most of our clients are real estate investors who desire quick, bridge loans to purchase and rehabilitate real estate. Since time is of the essence, these investors are willing to trade lower interest rates with the ability to fund fast and without a lot of paperwork.

We place greater emphasis on the borrower’ use of funds, equity buffer in their real property and exit strategy. While credit-worthiness is important, real estate backed loans are only as good as the loan amount against the market value of the property – also known as loan-to-value. Therefore, if you are lending against a property that is worth $400,000 and the loan amount is only $100,000, the loan-to-value (LTV) is only 25% – leaving you with 75% of the property’s value ($300,000) as protection against default.

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